Why Spring Is A Good Time For Power Washing

Spring Power Wash

Spring is here and with it comes the realization that our homes have accumulated quite a bit of grime through the seasons. Winter is gone and the temperatures are rising. ‘Tis the season to power wash your home and get rid of the pollution, algae, and whatever else is griming up the outside of your home.

Power Washing Your Home

Grime can seriously harm outdoor surfaces, not only by degrading its aesthetic appeal but also by impacting the structure’s integrity. Never fear, though, because companies like DGI Painting can clean off grease, algae, and other grime from basically any outdoor surface, including concrete, decks, houses, patios, fences and more.

How do you know if it’s time for a power wash? Well, a good rule of thumb is to have the outside of your home cleaned annually. Surfaces like roofs, wood, and gutters should actually have maintenance work done several times a year. If it’s been that long or longer, you’ll definitely want to make a call. Good news! DGI Painting offers a free estimate for the cost of power washing your home.

Take a good look at your outdoor surfaces to determine if it’s time for a power wash. Anything that looks or feels grimy, slimy, or the like is in need of a good cleaning. Make sure to consider your environment and what might be polluting the outside of your home. For instance, if you live in a wet, humid climate, your home is prone to mold and mildew. Maybe your property has a lot of trees and the gutters need a good cleaning from all the leaves and tree branches that have fallen in there since the fall and winter. If your home is looking worse for wear, then it’s time to power wash your home.

So, why spring? Well, spring brings with it the fever of cleaning. The sun is finally shining again and it makes people want to be productive, like cleaning their homes. It’s not just the inside of your home that could use a spring cleaning, though. The autumn and winter months can wreak havoc on the outside of the house. A good power washing can make your home look and feel much better.

Not to mention spring brings its own share of grimes. For instance, pollen hits an all-time high between March and April, coating outdoor surfaces with dusty allergens. Plus, the spring rains and humidity increases the chances of mildew and mold growing on the roof and wooden surfaces. Anyone with allergies this season will benefit from having the house and other outdoor surfaces properly cleaned, reducing pollen, molds, and mildews. Get ahead of the grime game by power washing your house in the spring season.