Trendy Exterior House Paint Combinations

Trendy House Paint

All homeowners need to pay close attention to all parts of their home. All homes should have curb appeal, especially when you’re considering resale at some point. Curb appeal pleases the eyes, makes the home blend in with the rest of the neighborhood and helps keep up home values. One area that deserves special attention is the paint colors used on the home’s exteriors. Today’s designers are paying close attention to this part of the home. They’re showing off elegant colors that make any home even more appealing. Consider one of these fabulous color combinations if you’re planning a paint job.

Exterior House Paint Combinations

Navy and White

Navy and white are a classic combination that’s in style again. This is a good choice for homes by the sea. The strong colors stand out against the sky and any body of water. Look for the dark navy with lots of hints of black. For contrast, choose a crisp white to add lots of detail. The white provides a necessary place for the eyes to rest and admire the overall house plan.

Creamy Yellow and Sky Blue

Yellow and blue are making a comeback. This combination evokes sunny skies and days spent at the beach. It’s an ideal exterior for a home set in the country. Look for soft yellows that are in harmony with the kind of yellows frequently seen in nature. They bring the world of the outdoors right to your home. Sky blue is from the other side of the color spectrum. This is a good color to paint the trim and the home’s woodwork. Use it to help show off any home’s wonderful exterior details such as wood trim that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Beige and Deep Brown

Brown has always been a highly popular choice of exterior color. Today’s modern designers are exploring the many possibilities found in this warm, rich color combination. Different shades of brown provide a great way to make the home’s exterior warm and help it blend into the landscape at the same time. If you live in a desert climate, this color combination can be used to mirror the shifting tones of sand in front of your house. Use a lighter shade of brown on the body of the house. Paint other areas deeper shades for a unified look that makes the home a vision of elegance from every angle.

Hunter Green and Brick Red

Craftsman style is timeless and remains an all American favorite. The bold lines of the craftsman style demand colors that are equally as bold. Hunter green is the perfect foundation for this style as it brings to life the overall natural theme that is one of the hallmarks of this style. For contrast, bring in brick red. The darker red helps the entire house feel like a true part of the land. This is a good choice for the homeowner who loves nature and wants to show it off at home.